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'The False Expert' -
Keynote-Speaker with an Aha!

Thomas Fraps and his False Expert' is a unique highlight for any corporate or academic conference! Camouflaged as a keynote- speaker, Thomas Fraps uses the deception-skills of a professional magician and the analytical tools of a trained physicist, to provide a very surprising, entertaining and memorable performance for audiences worldwide (> trailer)!

Announced as a leading authority in whatever field of expertise is needed, the False Expert begins as a competent, albeit dry speaker who irritates his audience with technical talk, buzzwords and increasingly complex slides...

...until suddenly the microphone fails, the laptop crashes and the false expert surprisingly turns out to be a real expert on entertainment and illusion! This "candid camera" like talk provides a refreshing change of pace and an emotional hook for audiences at all kinds of conferences, corporate functions, or academic events (> testimonials).

The Entertainment Expert

The False Expert gave - among other topics - a neuroscience-talk on "The Bayesian Brain as a Prediction Machine" at a recent TEDxMunich event, a plenary talk on "High Performance Computing" at a Computer-Conference in San Diego and has elaborated on the latest IT-technologies at a corporate event in New York

He also has been a senior consultant explaining "Leadership and Change Management in large Media Companies", was a keynote-speaker on "Innovation strategies in Corporate Environments" and even explained the latest results of String Theory to Nobel laureates in physics, providing memorable and entertaining Aha-moments for all his audiences.

For further information please have a look at some of the testimonials and watch the False Expert in a sneak-preview

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