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For the theatrical show "metamagicum²", Thomas teams up with his friend and colleague Pit Hartling to present a special reality theory of everything.

They join magical forces to expertly phantasize their way through the worlds of science and conjuring: time-travel is suddenly possible, the paradoxes of quantum physics are solved and the philosophical questions of neuroscience vanish in a mobile brain-scanner!

Metamagicum² is a tantalizing mix of fact and fiction, featuring amazing inventions from the future and answering questions nobody ever asks: do elementary particles sleep? Is gravity indispensable and what is the mathematical connection of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity to the oldest beer brewery in Munich?

Apart from public performances throughout Germany in theatres, science centers and science festivals, the show has also been featured at CERN, the European Research Center for High Energy Physics in Geneva and the Euroscience Open Forum in Munich.

Custom-made performances have been presented at technical and scientific conferences from San Francisco to Bordeaux and Berlin. Due to the show's fun factor however, all kinds of audiences can be shifted to the meta-level of science, comedy and magic.

Have a look at the references and meta-trailer or visit the metamagicum² website.

For questions on availability or logistical (and mathematical) details of the show, please contact Thomas directly:





Metamagicum ECTRIM conference IQ Scan photo
Metamagicum ECTRIMS conference IQScan



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