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"Some of us are still pondering about your proverbial "wonders of science" and strange inventions that according to the laws of nature shouldn't work at all, but somehow do! Especially your "discovery" of the much sought-after Higgs-Boson was quite a surprise to us and should put you at least on the list of future nobel-prizes. All participants were immensely entertained by your unique mix of scientific facts and fictions, as you could probably tell from the reactions in the auditorium. We can recommend your show for scientific conferences, meetings, or any event related to the public understanding of science and hope you find many more happy audiences!" - Ingrid Schmid, CERN



"Thomas and Pit performed for us their “Metamagicum” show in early 2023 for our yearly event. To say it was spectacular is an understatement. The show is particularly fitting for a tech savvy crowd. It combines comedy, science and magic in a unique way. From the very moment the show began, one could see the attention to detail and professionalism. The performance kept our multi-cultural audience of over 200 people, captivated and engaged for the entire time with magic tricks, mind reading acts, illusions and altogether a “nerdy” comical atmosphere. As an indication of the success of the event, the show was the only thing our analytical minded engineers talked about in the coffee corner during the following days. If you are looking for a special show, that you can find nowhere else, I can’t think of anything better."
- Nir Dahan / ASIC Design Manager APPLE


Firmen & Institutionen

- CERN - ThermoFischer -
Fraunhofer - DESY Hamburg - Microgenics - IBM - Fegime -
TU Kaiserslautern - Aesculap Bovery Brown - ESEAC Konferenz, ESOF Munich, u.v.m.

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Theater & Science-Festivals

Highlights der Physik (2015/2019) - ZauberTheaterFestval Mühlheim a.R. - PHAENO science center - IPP -International Puzzle Party - San Francisco Max Planck Gesellschaft - Wissenschaftstage München - University Bordeaux, Landestheater Tübingen - Zauberschloss Dresden

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ECTRIMS Conference

"Your magic show “Metamagicum” was one of the social highlights of the ECTRIMS conference. For the gala dinner we had chosen your magic show to entertain more than 500 dinner guests. Your highly original show, specifically geared towards an intellectual audience and scientists in particular, was very well received. It contributed a lot to the success of the evening. All the best wishes for the future and kind regards," Hans Peter Hartung, MD - ECTRIMS president

ESEAC -Bordeaux

"You succeeded in combining perfectly high level entertainment with scientific aspects. All participants agreed that your show was the highlight of this wonderful summer evening. There is no doubt that your show is an enrichment for all kind of events and I strongly recommend “Metamagicum” to all organizers wishing to add a magic accent to their conference or seminar - Prof. Alexander Kuhn University Bordeaux

IRMMW Conference 2013

"At this year’s conference dinner the absolute highlight was your performance where magic was mixed with science. In particular the fact, that you were able to pick up the scientific vocabulary of this conference and included it into your magic made your performance a real special event. (...) All participants were perfectly entertained. We have received lots of emails congratulating us for this choice. These congratulations are, of course, passed on to you as you did the magical entertainment. This show was the perfect event for our conference dinner  - Prof. Dr. René Beigang, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern


ESOF Munich

"Auf diesem Wege möchte ich mich für Ihren Beitrag zum European Open Science Forum in München bedanken. Die Konferenz war für uns mit 2100 Teilnehmern aus mehr als 50 Nationen ein grosser Erfolg. Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass Sie diesen Höhepunkt des Outreach Programms zum Gelingen der ESOF2006 beigetragen und gezeigt haben, dass die Naturgesetze wohl doch nur begrenzt gelten. Ich hoffe, dass Sie in Zukunft noch mehr Wissenschaftlern auf diese Weise die Augen öffnen."  - Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Heckl, LMU München