"The False Expert"- a surprising speaker-experience

  An amazing Guest-Speaker

A Refreshing Convention-Highlight

Thomas Fraps is the "False Expert": a unique Keynote-Speaker with an unforgettable surprise-element! A refreshing addition and change of pace for conventions, corporate functions and other events. In his special speaker-format "the False Expert" Thomas Fraps combines his skills as a professional magician, ex-physicist and comedian to surprise and delight his audience.

The repertoire of the "False Expert" is large: he gave a talk at a meeting of the science-ministers of the EU, as the opening of an international cardiologist convention, at a convention for corporate leadership - the False Expert also deceives the real experts on their own field, patent lawyers in Munich, computerexperts in New York or neuroscientists in Edinburgh. The   metamophosis from the dry, boring speaker into an amazingly entertaing magician is a memorable aha-moment for any audience

„An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until finally he knows everything about nothing.“ - Victor Weisskopf

The False Expert begins as a serious talk, but is actually a "trojan entertainment virus" slowly changing from the serious to the surprising due to weird slides, an overflow of technical jargon leading to information overload and technical disasters including sparking microphones and crashing computers. In front of the very eyes of the irritated, bemused spectators follows the comedic relief when everybody realizes it was a playful illusion and hoax of a master magician.

"I would like to thank you once again for adding a much-appreciated talk to the schedule at our recent SciDAC (Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing) conference in San Diego. Your talent for quickly picking up on the jargon of the conference and seamlessly integrating it into your presentation added greatly to the surprise of attendees as they gradually realized what was going on. As evidence of how convincing you were, more than one attendee was actually taking notes at the start of your talk. Even some of our most skeptical experts admitted they were taken in by your slides. As you know, technical conferences can seem a little dry after several days, and many attendees were both engaged and energized after your session. In fact, they kept talking about it until the end of the conference. I am happy to recommend your services to any conference looking for a way to add some spark to the program." - Prof. Horst Simon,
Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences

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A real Expert for Illusion & Astonisment

The surprising change from the fake expert into a real epert of entertainment, deception and illusion, refreshes not only the atmosphere of any convention or function but is a memory that stays with the audience for a long time. The False Expert speaks technical and scientific jargonfluently, presents weird PowerPoint-slides and convincingly simulates competenz. During the amazing unmasking of his fake expert identity, Thomas Fraps takes down his camouflage and reveals the powerful deceptiveness of empty speech filled with buzzwords, alternative facts and shines a humourous light on the "the biggest problem in communication: the illusion, that it has taken place." (George Bernard Shaw).

"Your performance added a real spark to the program and was the perfect finale after four intensive days with scientific presentations and discussions. I am happy to recommend your services to any conference looking for a fun but intelligent way to spice up their event" - Jesper Velgaard Olsen, University of Copenhagen

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