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The Magic of Science

Metamagicum Online +++ January 30th at 7 & 9pm on Zoom! +++

A magical onlineshow about science and technology

Metamagicum combines scientific facts, the art of magic, absurd inventions and professional nonsens into an entertaining primordial soup. In 2004, physicist, TV presenter and professional magician Thomas Fraps, together with his lab coat buddy Pit Hartling, professional funny man and runner-up world champion of magic, have joined forces to create a unique evening of science and conjuring.

Their show Metamagicum has brought them from CERN to the Max Planck society, from conventions to theatres, and from research centers to corporate events all over the world.
Their latest project is a fun and interactive online-show that brings their presentations directly into people’s homes: Participants witness real time-travels and live quantum-teleportation (including beaming an object into a random guest’s living-room). There will be mind-reading over many miles of distance, and with a bit of luck, astonishing things will occur in your own hands.

+ + + Next showtimes (Zoom)
are on Sunday January 30th + + + :   Tickets for English version at 9:00pm CET on January 30th
Tickets for German version at 7:00pm CET on January 30th

A Special Theory of Reality

Metamagicum expertly blurs the line between fact and fiction: Combining real science with the art of conjuring and playful storytelling creates moments of sheer impossibility, fascination and just plain fun. Metamagicum-Online is the perfect, memorable group experience. An event, that connects people over distance for one hour and that will be positively remembered for a long time to come (if only for the appearing dinosaur)!
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