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Stand-up Magic

Apart from his special formats metamagicum² and the fake expert, Thomas also enjoys performing pure classical magic for its unique ability to elicit feelings of wonder, surprise and 'not knowing' which by the way, turns out to be a quite refreshing experience especially in the 'all-knowing' information age.

He has stunned spectators at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, at private parties, corporate functions, trade-show receptions and other social events where his performances bridge gaps, catalyze communication and create a temporary reality distortion field among guests, attendees, participants or friends, who simply enjoy that 'fraps-field' and sudden dose of dopamin and Merlin.


After the stage show or when no stage is available, Thomas loves to do close-up magic for smaller groups and in more intimate settings. His spectators will witness minor miracles happening right before their eyes, inches away, reducing their vocabulary for a split-second to one word: 'impossible' (well, sometimes two: 'no way!').

Despite its seemingly small-scale nature, close-up magic can be the most powerful form of prestidigitation, creating magical moments, which your guests probably remember for years!









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